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PSTOS Officers, Board members, and Committees

2018 Officers
President Bob Zat
Vice President Russ Evans
Treasurer Jon Beveridge
Secretary Ellen Sullivan
Immediate Past President Jamie Snell
2018 Board Members (other than officers)
Fred Rowe
Barbara Graham
Phil Hargiss
Jamie Snell
Educational Outreach/Scholarship Fred Rowe
Organ Restoration & Maint. Bob Zat
Program Planning Jo Ann Evans
History & Archives Tom Blackwell
Hospitality, HLCC Ellen Sullivan
Newsletter and Website
Newsletter Editors Jamie Snell
Jo Ann Evans Web Site Tom Blackwell
Nat'l Magazine Reporter Jamie Snell
AKCHO Jon Beveridge
AMICA, AGO & POF Carl Dodrill
Calvary Christian Assembly Jeff Snyder
Haller Lake Community Club Bob Zat
Paramount Theatre Phil Hargiss
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