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Paul Van Dyck
Ryderwood, WA

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Paul Van Dyck at the Fox Theatre, Centralia WA, c.2013
Paul played piano as a child before being introduced to the theatre organ by his father through LP recordings of Leonard Leigh and other organists. Paul worked as a music teacher, piano technician and nightclub musician until the late 1970s at which time he began his career as a medical transcriptionist. According to Paul, "this helped pay the bills for the last 30 years so I could continue to play music."
Instruments Paul has played include:

  • Oaks Park Skating Rink, Portland OR
  • Paramount Theater, Portland OR
  • Uncle Milt's Pizza and Pipes, Vancouver WA
  • Fox Theater, Centralia WA
Paul currently plays the carillon at the Salmon Run Bell Tower in Vancouver WA for special occasions.

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