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Patti Simon
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Although Patti now resides in Wichita, Kansas with her husband Ed Zollman, she definitely has Northwest roots. Patti was a student of popular Northwest organist Dick Kimball for many years. She also studied with Jonas Nordwall and worked for Bob McCutchin who owned McCutchin Music in Lynnwood, Washington.
During the 1970's, Patti played at several local Pizza & Pipes restaurants including: Greenwood Pizza and Pipes, Bellevue Pizza and Pipes, and occasionally Tacoma Pizza and Pipes. She also played at Bob Koontz's Pipe Dream Restaurant in Burien. In 1979, Patti moved to Denver to work for the Organ Grinder Restaurant there.
Patti is married to Ed Zollman (son of famous Northwest organist Eddie Zollman) who installed the well-known Wilcox, now Wilcox 4/48 Wurlitzer in Gig Harbor. He has also installed computer relays for Olympia's Washington Center and Salem's Elsinore Theatre where Patti and Ed also teamed up to do tonal voicing.

Patti's live concert with pianist Dick Kroeckel is now available on CD!
Live Concert with Patti Simon & Dick Kroeckel
3/20 Wurlitzer at Mt. St. Francis, Colorado Springs, CO.
Live concert of mostly pipe organ, with some pipe organ and piano duets and a couple of piano solos. Played with Dick Kroeckel, Colorado's Ragtime Man
$20 USD postpaid
Send orders, with check or money order, to:
Patti Simon
3310 Forest Ridge
Wichita, KS 67205

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