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Norman Miller
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Norman Miller is an active member of PSTOS and is currently serving as Treasurer. He is employed as a Consulting Engineer in the field of Underwater Acoustics.
Norman began taking piano lessons when he was in the sixth grade. Upon entering high school he began accompanying choral groups and played piano at all school functions. He also filled in at the church playing on a reed pump organ. During his last two years in college Norman studied organ and took his lessons on a large Wurlitzer in the Student Union building.
Norman moved to Seattle in 1961 and purchased a Conn "Serenade" from Balcom & Vaughan. After his "free" lessons stopped, he continued taking private lessons from Martha Green. Martha had been a theatre organist and was an excellent teacher in music theory.
Norman has always been able to sight read very well and soon learned the theatrical style of playing to go along with his classical training. He became a member in the Masonic fraternity and, in 1983, was appointed "Grand Organist" for the Masons in Washington. He then became organist for the Seattle Scottish Rite Valley.
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Norman at his 2/5 residence organ.
Norman plays regularly for four Masonic Lodges. He has served as an assistant organist at University Temple United Methodist Church and has a five rank Balcom & Vaughan pipe organ in his home.

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