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Marti Lynch
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The following is from The Console magazine (v18, No. 6, June 1980, pp5)
Organist Marti Lynch is a native of Iowa and started playing the piano at the age of four. Formal musical training took place at age seven and continued in the midwest where she obtained degrees in harmony and theory from universities in Illinois and Wisconsin.
A radio and television organist for many years, she was first organist for Consolidated Radio Artists out of Chicago as well as representing the Hammond Organ Company as a concert artist together with Porter Heaps. Subsequently she became head of sales promotion for Grinnell Bros. Music stores in Michigan, Ohio and Canada, working as a teacher, concert artist and organizing organ clubs within their sizeable territory.
During these years she also did considerable theatre pipe organ work and studied with the late Fred Feibel, one of the greats of the silent theatre organ heyday. She is now living in the Portland, Oregon area and is affiliated with the Rogers Organ Company as a concert artist for their theatre organs. She also represents them at major conventions along with doing concert tours on a national scale.
Marti is an Irish girl who is blessed with great humor and tremendous warmth for people, all of which shows through in her performances. She not only works in the big console pizza place, but makes it much bigger with her great theatre organ music.
She studied under the late Fred Feibel.


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