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Arnold Leverenz (1894-1979)
Tacoma, WA
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Arnold Leverenz at the Tacoma Pantages Theatre, date unknown
Arnold Leverenz (alternate spelling "Le Verenz") was a noted Northwest musician. He accompanied silent films at many Northwest theatres including the Tacoma Colonial and Rialto theatres as well as hosues in Oregon and Montana. He was most well known for his silent film accompaniments and sing-a-longs at the Tacoma Pantages Theatre.
A biography by Lloyd Klos was published in THEATRE ORGAN, Aug-Sept 1978:
ARNOLD LEVERENZ Organist at the Tacoma Pantages Theatre

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Tacoma Pantages Theatre with signage listing Arnold Leverenz at right, c.1926
Following the silent era, Arnold transitioned to playing the Hammond organ and was a featured performer at Tacoma's Steve's Gay Nineties restaurant from the the 1950s to the 1970s.
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Arnold Leverenz at Ted Brown Music Co. November 1937
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Ad for the opening concerts on the newly installed organ at the Globe Theatre in Albany OR, March 23 & 24, 1922. Arnold Leverenz, organist.

This brief obituary appeared in THEATRE ORGAN, August-September 1979, p52:
Arnold Le Verenz, organist at Tacoma's Pantages Theatre in the 1920s and 1930s died in Tacoma in May. Born in Manitowoc, Wis., he had lived in the Tacoma area for the past 64 years. In addition to his work at the Pantages, he also played at the Colonial and Rialto Theatres in Tacoma, and the Liberty Theatre in Seattle. For many years he was musical director for the Afifi Temple of the Shrine. His biography is in the August/September issue of THEATRE ORGAN. He is survived by a daughter and two grandchildren.

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