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Andy Kasparian
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Andy played at Seattle's Greenwood Pizza & Pipes restaurant for many years. He was a very popular personality and usually drew a large crowd.
One of the advertisements for Andy that appeared in a publication in Panama; this one was taken from a Panama daily newspaper. A copy was reproduced in the Console Magazine in May 1976.


Andy Kasparian Will Open Panama Organ June First
Excerpt from The Console magazine, April 1979 (V17, No. 4, pp 14):
Andy Kasparian, east coast organist, will leave Philadelphia May 21st and fly to Panama to take up duties as house organist at Hotel Continental. The organ is scheduled to be opened June 1st, but Kasparian said it may be delayed a short time since the installation work might not be completed.
He was recommended for the job by Leroy Lewis, who, with Ted Campbell, went to Panama last February as consultants on erecting the organ in its new home. Lewis is currently appearing at Conley's, a Pittsburgh night spot.

Organist, Organ Doing Great in New Panama Club; Mucho Patronage
Excerpt from The Console magazine, November 1979 (Vol. 17, No. 11, pp 25):
Some organists win their audience through the power of the instrument. Others use the force of their personality. But Andy Kasparian is an organist with style and musicianship who knows how to caress a melodic line and leave it lingering in your memory. Those are the qualities that he is bringing to El Continental Hotel at the Crossroads of the World where many people in passing decide to pause a while at this unique attraction. He takes his audience on a high-class tour of some memorable music that has an international flavor for the various visitors represented there.
Only in Panama would one find a club featuring an organ in pristine condition together with a disco sound and light presentation used during the artist's well-deserved break. But as one bar tender stated: "We get the disco crowd who are now enjoying the sounds of an instrument from another era and no one is disappointed in this incongruous setting." The disco spectacle entertains patrons until Kasparian returns to the console to perform his musical magic.
There is also a circular dance floor in the middle of the room for those who enjoy dancing while others are intrigued listening to the artist who has a touch of class while presiding at the console.
The room, with its intimate atmosphere, tasteful elegance and comfortable armchair seating on two levels, is the perfect fram [sp] for this astounding organ installation. The hotel chain has spent a half million dollars to give this instrument a fitting home.

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