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Loretta Muralt Holstein
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Oaks Park, 1993
Loretta Muralt was organist at Oaks Roller Rink in 1957 and Imperial Skating Rink from 1958 to 1963 or 1964. She also worked at Cascade Piano and Organ Co. on 43rd and NE Sandy Blvd.
See and hear Loretta play Orange Blossum Special at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Milwaukie, Oregon. March 13, 2010.
Loretta has two recordings to her credit, "Oregon Hits by Loretta" and a Christian album, both made in the 1960s.


Oaks Park, 2005
Imperial Rink, July 1958
Contract with Imperial Rink, August 1958
Loretta recalls: "Mr. Roy Brown, owner of the Imperial Skating Rink, would occasionally come into the organ booth and remind me to "tone it down" because the kinura was quite loud and piercing. I played on Monday nights for private parties, and sometimes we would have African American parties, and they had rhythm and could really skate! Such fun things to recall. And the Conservative Baptists had Monday evening parties too, and the snack shack would take a towel and cover up the display of cigarettes at that time."
Imperial Rink skate schedule

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