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Bob Hansen
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Bob is originally from Seattle where he began his music career as a church organist over 35 years ago. His keyboard training began with classical piano instruction while in elementary school. His interests led to popular music instruction on the electronic organ, which he preferred.
Bob played a variety of brass instruments in high school - but he was right at home with Queen Anne High School's Kimball pipe organ. He went on to finish his B.A. at the University of Washington School of Music, majoring in classical pipe organ performance.
Bob was staff organist for the Roseway Theatre in Portland, and Uncle Milt's Pipe Organ Pizza in Vancouver, Washington for several years. As a silent movie accompanist, he has performed at numerous silent movie festivals and special events in the greater Portland area.
He was Quality Assurance Representative for Rodgers Instrument Corporation for a number of years. He now has his own consulting and pipe organ service business in Tucson, Arizona, where he designs and installs pipe combinations for the Arizona Rodgers dealers. He returns to the Portland area on a semi-annual basis to service pipe organs in the area.

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