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Bill Hale ( - 2002)
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Even though Bill lives in Vancouver B.C., he has been an active member of PSTOS for many years.
Bill was promoted as "On The Wurlitzer" at the Vancouver B.C. Orpheum Theatre 70th anniversary celebration on January 14, 1998!
It was a big celebration, with lots of top names in the entertainment world. Vancouver's grand old Orpheum was jumping. A sold-out Vaudeville Celebration honoring its 70th year included such names as Mitzi Gaynor and Dal Richards' band.
But that's not all! The program listed none other than our own PSTOS member, Bill Hale, as "On the Wurlitzer"! Bill hasn't reported just what he played, but it's appropriate and great news that the Wurlitzer was used for this historic celebration. Great going, Bill!
In March 1992, Bill was given a special recognition award for the many contributions he had made to PSTOS over the previous 30 years. Members of PSTOS and the Mt. Baker Theatre Organ Society were very sorry to hear of Bill's death in June 2002.

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