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Franklin High School Kimball Organ Awareness
PSTOS is helping Franklin High School faculty get acquainted with their Theatre Organ!
When Queen Anne High School closed in 1981, their Kimball Theatre Pipe Organ was moved to Franklin High School, where it was beautifully installed, then put under wraps. It's been virtually in hiding ever since. For the past several years, PSTOS has made a number of attempts to bring the organ to the attention of the faculty, students and parents.

Exciting things are happening with Franklin High School's Theatre Organ!
Last November 25th, PSTOS presented a Theater Organ concert for four classes at Franklin High school arranged by teacher Karen Hart and PSTOS President Bob Zat. Bob talked about the history of the theatre Organ in general, and Franklin's organ in particular, explaining the pipes, the toys, and the mechanics of the instrument.
Tedde Gibson, a Tacoma Pizza & Pipes organist, and presently a music student at U. of W., gave a marvelous demonstration. He asked the students to come to the stage and try the organ. They were very excited to hear and try the instrument and are eager for another encounter.
PSTOS was invited by Carol Jackson, the new president of the Benjamin Franklin Arts Foundation, to attend her first meeting with the group which works to fund the Arts program at Franklin. She asked that the organ be demonstrated at the meeting on February 11th.
Bob Zat once again gave a very informative history of Theatre Organ in general and the history of the instrument at Franklin. Tedde Gibson did a fantastic demonstration of the organ and explained the difference between a Church Organ and a Theatre Organ. The people there were very interested. A teacher video-taped the performance and said she would show it to the students over the intercom the next morning!

Franklin Update: PSTOS was recently asked to participate in the Franklin Arts Festival and Tedde Gibson played a short concert and silent film.

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