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Bene Hamel - Central Lutheran Dedication Concert

Sunday, October 26 1997, 5:00pm
Central Lutheran Church
1710 11th Ave. Seattle

In 1938 Bill Bunch started accompanying the choir on the 2 manual, 8 rank Moller at Central Lutheran Church. This was the beginning of a long and loving project. The first additions appeared in February, 1939, as a String Celeste, a Harmonic Flute and the Chrysoglott from the Spokane Liberty Wurlitzer, retuned to A440.
As the years progressed there were more additions. Even during the years 1956 1966 when Bill was a vice president of Aeolian Skinner, he shipped additional organ components from Boston and many a summer vacation was spent on the project. When Bill retired as President of Balcom & Vaughan in 1986, work truly began in earnest, with long time organist and friend, Charles Wassberg.
Nearly sixty years of dedication and know-how have produced a magnificant American Classic organ, with many of its features modeled after the famous Aeolian Skinners built in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.
One would never imagine that this magnificant instrument is tucked away in a neighborhood Lutheran church on Capitol Hill.
Bill is a Charter Member of the national ATOS, and was instrumental in the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter's application for a chapter charter, the very first chapter of ATOS. He is a long time member of the Puget Sound Chapter and the recipient of a PSTOS Honorary Life Membership Award.
This will be a truly unforgettable concert. Don't miss it!

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