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Winter Garden (Progressive) Theatre - 2/9 Wurlitzer
Seattle, Washington
1515 3rd Ave.
Organ installation timeframe: 1920 - 1939
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Winter Garden Theatre, c.1932
The Winter Garden Theatre originally had a 2/9 Style 210 Wurlitzer (opus 360) installed in 1920. The theatre opened as the Progressive and was later renamed to Winter Garden. The exact dates these names were used is unknown, but the theatre operated as the Winter Garden for most of the years it was open.
Records show that Jack O'Dale was an organist at the Progressive in 1927. Well known Northwest organist Eddie Zollman played the Winter Garden for a few years.
In 1939, the organ was moved to Ridge Rink. It was lost in a fire at the rink in 1945.

Winter Garden Theatre marquee at night, date unknown

Winter Garden Theatre on right, c.1955

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the former Winter Garden space was occupied by a retail store.
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Space is "For Lease" in 2019. Image courtesy Google Maps

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