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Olympic (Liberty) Theatre - 2/9 Wurlitzer, Style F "Special"
Olympia, Washington
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Andy Crow with the 2/9 Wurlitzer, c.1967
The Olympic Theatre originally opened as the Liberty Theatre on New Year's Eve in 1924. It was built by the firm of Jensen and Von Herberg. A 2/9 Wurlitzer (plus piano located next to the console) was installed by Sandy Balcom in 1924. Oliver Wallace presided at the console for the opening program. Sam Totten was organist in 1927.
Andy Crow began taking care of the organ in 1962 when he received a call from the theatre manager to see if he knew anything about the organ, which was in serious need of attention. By this time the theatre had undergone a name change (in 1949) and was known as the Olympic Theatre. Andy was thrilled to have an excuse to work on the instrument, and engaged Les Lehne to help. Together they began maintaining the instrument - and acquiring more pipes!
In 1971 Andy acquired the instrument himself. A Posthorn was added in 1974. In 1981, Andy removed the organ to storage, hoping to re-install it in the Washington Center for the Performing Arts which was to be built on the Olympic Theatre site.

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