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Bell Theatre - 2/ Kimball
Bellingham, Washington
113 E. Holly St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1913 -
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Holly Street entrance, c.1919. Courtesy Jeff Fox.
The Bell Theatre had a two-manual tubular-pneumatic Kimball which debuted on Saturday November 8, 1913. The organ was purchased through Eilers Music House which was one block East on Holly St.
This instument is not listed in the Junchen opus lists or PSTOS Bill Bunch/Eugene Nye records. Current status of the organ is unknown.
According to Jeff Fox, the news clipping below had a handwritten note: "11-07-1913 Prof. Darwin Wood - Organist"
Click for a larger version of this image (274K) News clipping from the Bellingham Hearld, November 7, 1913. Courtesy, Jeff Fox.
Years ago Dick Warburton was queried as to where the Bell Theatre Kimball had gone and he said he believed it eventually went to the Christian Science Church in Bellingham. Jeff Fox played there in the mid 1960's and confirms that they did have a 2/3 Kimball with what appeared to be a Balcom & Vaughan console. The church was built later than the Bell Theatre operated so it is still unclear where the organ went immediately following its removal from the theatre.
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Early 1950's. Photo courtesy Jeff Fox.
Records indicate that the Imperial Cafe occupied the Bell Theatre building in 1951. In 1932, McCracken's Cafe operated there.

As of 2020, the Bell Theatre building still exists. It houses part of the Horseshoe Cafe.
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Bell Theatre building, 2005. Photo, Jeff Fox.

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