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Hartwig (Roberta) Theatre - 2/4 Wurlitzer, Style 135A
Dillon, Montana
21 N. Idaho St
Organ installation timeframe: 1919 - 1954
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Opening ad from The Dillon Examiner February 14, 1917
The Hartwig Theatre opened on February 20, 1917.
In July 1919 a 2/4 Style 135A Wurlitzer (opus #224) was installed. The instrument was first played publically in late July 1919 by organist Dean R. Daynes, but the official opening concert was delayed due to the fact that some of the pipes were damaged during transit from the factory. Replacement pipes arrived in early September and an opening recital featuring organist Henry Francis Parks from Butte was held on Friday September 12, 1919.

The Dillon Examiner May 21, 1919

The Butte Miner July 24, 1919

The Butte Miner July 28, 1919

The Dillon Examiner July 30, 1919

The Butte Miner July 30, 1919

The Dillon Tribune September 5, 1919

The Dillon Examiner September 10, 1919

The Butte Miner September 12, 1919

The Dillon Examiner September 17, 1919

The Dillon Examiner March 24, 1920

The Butte Miner April 14, 1920
Alice Pegram was organist at the Hartwig Theatre for many years. She began shortly after the organ was installed in 1919 and continued until her retirement in October 1929.

The Dillon Examiner October 25, 1929
The Hartwig Theatre was renamed Roberta Theatre in 1951.
The Wurlitzer online opus list and OHS Pipe Organ Database make mention of a local church receiving the organ from the theatre, but the following article appearing in the The Dillon Tribune describes the organ being removed in 1954 and going directly to Virginia City-Nevada City.

The Dillon Tribune December 30, 1954
The Roberta Theatre closed in 1955.

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