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Margaret (Sundial) Theatre - 2/5 Wicks
Anaconda, Montana
305 Main St.
Organ installation timeframes:

  • 1st organ,    / Wicks: 1918 -
  • 2nd organ, 2/5 Wicks: 1925 -
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    Margaret Theatre, date unknown

    Slightly different shot of the Margaret Theatre, date unknown
    The Margaret Theatre was originally built as an opera house in 1897.
    According to the PSTOS Bill Bunch/Eugene Nye records, the Margaret Theatre had two different Wicks organs installed:

  • Wicks organ, size unknown, installed in 1918
  • 2/5 Wicks (opus #543) installed in 1925, replacing the earlier instrument
    The 1918 instrument is not found in the Junchen opus lists. Current status of both instruments is unknown.
    Editor's note: The Junchen opus lists erroneously list the theatre name as: "Margarite Theatre."

    Ad for the Margaret Theatre, May 1901

    The Anaconda Standard June 20, 1918.

    The Anaconda Standard September 2, 1918.
    The theatre was sold in 1926 and later renamed Sundial Theatre.

    Sundial Theatre stage & proscenium, c.1926

    Sundial Theatre lobby, c.1926
    The Sundial Theatre was lost in a fire in January 1929.

    Fire destroys the Sundial Theatre, c.1929

    In 1931, the Washoe Theatre was built on the site of the Margaret Theatre but did not open until 1936 due to the Great Depression. According to the Washoe Theatre's 1982 application for the National Register of Historic Places, pipe chambers were included by the architect B. Marcus Priteca. However. there is no record of an organ ever being installed.

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