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Radio Stations & Recording Studios with Theatre Pipe Organs
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In the 1930's and 40's, radio stations across the country installed theatre pipe organs in their studios. Stations in the Northwest were no exception. Several of the following organs were installed by Seattle organ firm Balcom & Vaughan. Theatre organs were also a common feature in professional recording studios during this time.

KJR - 2/3 Estey
KOL - 3/12 Kimball
KOMO - 3/10 Wurlitzer
Northwest Recording Studio - 3/9 Wurlitzer
Pacific Recording Studio - 2/4 Wurlitzer
KMO - 2/8 Robert Morton
KIT - 2/5 Wurlitzer
KFPY - 3/8 Wurlitzer
KHQ - 3/ Wurlitzer
Portland, Oregon
KEX - 2/ Wood
KGW-KEX - 3/9 Wurlitzer
KOIN - 3/6 Robert Morton
KXL - 2/9 Wood
Vancouver, B.C.
CJOR - 2/4 Kimball + 2/4 Robert-Morton
Hollywood, California
KNX-CBS studios, Columbia Square (1937) - 3/11 Wurlitzer
(Former Walla Walla, Legion (Capitol) Theatre Wurlitzer.
Installed by Balcom & Vaughan)

Lots of info coming soon!
We have lots more information on these and other radio station organs in our archives and hope to have it entered soon.

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