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What Ever Happened to Mr. Pipes?

The Seattle/Tacoma area had its share of organ-equipped restaurants. Interestingly, there were news reports of another establishment planned for the Tacoma area, but the eatery never materialized.

From The Console magazine V15 No. 9 Sept 1977, pp1.
Hochmuth and Stanky planning Pizza/Organ Stop in Tacoma
Illinois Organ Buffs Terry Hochmuth and Dan Stanky have contracted for a large theatre organ, located on the west coast, which they expect to install in a pizza and Italian food emporium in the Tacoma area. The first of a proposed chain of food/organ palaces, Terry will be featured organist and present a dazzling light show he has engineered. Name of the restaurant will be "Mr. Pipes, Inc." No opening date has been confirmed.
The two buffs have also shipped another instrument, a 3m/26r Wurlitzer from the West Coast to New Lennox, Ill. for installation in a studio to be built on their property. The organ is a combination of instruments from the Seattle Colonial, Olympic and Montlake Theatres, as well as parts of the former Chicage Avalon Theatre Wurlitzer. Console for the organ, an art deco model, was built by Hochmuth.

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