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C.S. Jensen and J. Von Herberg
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Von Herberg

The team of C.S. Jensen and J. Von Herberg was responsible for many of the finest theatre operations in the Northwest. Starting with the extremely successful Liberty Theatre in Seattle, they were big proponents of the theatre organ as a way to promote business.
The Jensen & Von Herberg organization built and/or operated many Northwest theatres. Most notably, the Liberty Theatre in Portland, the Olympic Theatre in Olympia and the Neptune Theatre in Seattle.
According to former Northwest resident William Hansen, "The firm was certainly enthusiastic about Wurlitzer organs. They kept Wurlitzer representative Harry Carruthers busy with several large installations in Seattle and Portland. Organman William Wood did most of the service work during the silent era."

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Actor publicity photo given to
J. Von Herberg, date unknown.
Courtesy Erica Johnson, 2011

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