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Victory (original Pantages) Theatre - 4/30 Moller & 2/5 Smith
Tacoma, Washington
Pacific Ave.
Organ installation timeframes: Moller 1918-1927, Smith 1927-1929
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Pacific Avenue, looking North, Pantages Theatre on right, c.1911
The Victory Theatre opened in 1918 and was located in the original Pantages Theatre building.
The theatre had two different organs:

  • In 1918, a 4/30 Moller concert organ (opus #1964) was moved by Louis Mass from Seattle's Coliseum Theatre.
  • In 1927, a 2/5 Smith was installed.
    Eddie Zollman was an organist at the Victory in 1919 - it was his first paying job. According to Ed, the Moller console had colored draw knobs. The large instrument was later moved to the Yakima First Methodist church by Bill Woods. According to Eugene Nye, it was later split up for parts in 1951 when a 4/32 Reuter organ was installed. The console was bought by Rogers Jenkins and made into his first electronic organ. As of 1990, it was still in a private home in Portland. This electronic organ was the start of the Rodgers Organ Co.!
    The Smith instrument was removed in 1929 by Balcom & Vaughan and reinstalled in Bellingham's Harlow-Hollingsworth Mortuary (later called Jones Funeral Home) for a cost of $1,500 with $400 down and monthly payments for an extended period. In 1992, the organ was purchased by Gordon Sullivan of Custer, Washington just North of Bellingham. The instrument was installed in his home with the consultation and help of Don Stagg, Bob & Mary Whelan, and Bob Otey. According to Jim Stettner, the original toy counter had been removed when the organ was installed in the Bellingham funeral home. For the reinstallation in Custer, Bob Maes of Kansas City found a suitable replacement.

    Stoplist and historical notes from Jim Stettner
    Accompaniment  (Enclosed)
    16     Bass
    8       Concert Flute
    8       1st Violin
    8       Tibia
    8       Clarinet
    8       Vox Humana
    4       Flute
    4       Violin
    4       Tibia
    22/3   Twelfth
    2       Piccolo
             blank tablet
             Snare Drum
             Tom Tom
    Solo  (Enclosed)
    16     Bourdon
    8       Flute
    8       Viol D. Orchestra
    8       Tibia Plena
    8       Clarinet
    8       Vox Humana
    4       Wald Flute
    4       Gambette
    4       Tibia
    22/3   Twelfth
    2       Piccolo
             Cathedral Chimes

    3       blank tablets

    Solo to Solo 16'
    Solo to Solo 4'
    Pedal  (Enclosed)
    16     Sub Bass
    8       Bass Flute
    8       Cello
    4       Tibia
    8       Chimes
             blank tablet
             blank tablet
             Bass Drum

    Stop / Rank / Pipe Analysis
    16     Bass                                        (Acc)  12   Extension 8' Concert Flute.
    16     Bourdon                                     (So)  - -    Same as the 16' Bass.
    16     Sub Bass                                 (Ped)  - -    Same as the 16' Bass.
    8       Concert Flute                            (Acc)  61
    8       Flute                                          (So)  - -    Same as the 8' Concert Flute.
    8       Bass Flute                               (Ped)  - -    Same as the 8' Concert Flute.
    8       1st Violin                                 (Acc)  61
    8       Viol D. Orchestra                       (So)  - -    Same as the 1st Violin.
    8       Cello                                       (Ped)  - -    Same as the 1st Violin.
    8       Tibia                                        (Acc)  - -    From the 4' Tibia. Notes 1-12 borrowed from the 8' Concert Flute.
    8       Tibia Plena                                (So)  - -    Same as the 8' Tibia.
    8       Clarinet                               (Acc/So)  61
    8       Vox Humana                       (Acc/So)  61
    4       Flute                                       (Acc)  12    Extension of the 8' Concert Flute.
    4       Wald Flute                                (So)  - -    Same as the 4' Flute.
    4       Violin                                      (Acc)  12    Extension of the 8' 1st Violin.
    4       Gambette                                  (So)  - -    Same as the 4' Violin.
    4       Tibia                            (Acc/So/Ped)  61
    22/3   Twelfth                                (Acc/So)    7   Extension of the 8' Concert Flute.
    2       Piccolo                               (Acc/So)   5    Extension of the 8' Concert Flute.
             Tremulant                                  (So)         Affects the entire instrument.
             Cathedral Chimes                (So/Ped) (13)  Compass: Middle c thru c 37. 
             Chrysoglott                                (So) (37)  Compass: tenor c thru c 49. Deagan.

    Pipe Summary
    Concert Flute...........97 pipes
    1st Violin.................73 pipes
    Tibia........................61 pipes
    Clarinet....................61 pipes
    Vox Humana............61 pipes

    Acc to Ped

    Foot Levers
    Sforz                             (rev)
    Horn                              (rev)

    Toe Studs  (l - r)
    1.  Train Whistle
    2.  Bell
    3.  Horse Hooves
    4.  Tom Tom
    5.  Crash Cymbal
    6.  Bird Whistle
    7.  Doorbell

    Pedal Movements
    Expression                   (bal.)
    Crescendo                    (bal.)

    Voices: 5

    Stops: 37

    Ranks: 5

    Pipes: 353

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