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Pizza and Pipes Restaurant - 3/20 Wurlitzer
Tacoma, Washington
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The pipes are arranged in one large chamber in two groupings:

Main Chamber (north)   Solo Chamber (south)
Diaphonic Diapason     Kinura
Tuba Horn              Orchestral Oboe
Vox Humana             Oboe Horn
Clarinet               Quintadena
Viol D'Orchestra       Salicional
Viol Celeste           Brass Saxophone
Concert Flute          Brass Trumpet
                       Tibia Clausa
                       English Post Horn
                       Diaphonic Bombarde

Most of the 29 percussions and sound effects are mounted 
on the walls:

Glockenspiel                      Toy Counter:
Chrysoglott-Vibra Harp     Bass Drum       Bird Whistle
Xylophone                  Kettle Drum     Steamboat Whistle
Marimba Harp               Snare Drum      Horse's Hooves
Piano-Mandolin             Tom Tom         Chinese Block
Cathedral Chimes           Crash Cymbal    Sand Block
Tuned Sleigh Bells         Brush Cymbal    Surf Machine
Calliope                   Tambourine      Auto Horn
Antiphonal Tuba            Castanets       Fire Siren
                           Triangle        Door Bell
                           Train Whistle   Fire Gong

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