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K (Kay) Street Theatre - 2/4 Wurlitzer, Style B
Tacoma, Washington
K St & 12th (now 1117 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way)
Organ installation timeframe: 1924-1944
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Kay St. Theatre, c.1927
The Kay St. Theatre had a 2/4 Style B Wurlitzer (opus 774) installed in 1924. The theatre later operated as the "K St." Theatre.

Crowd gathering on K Street, 1940. Glimpse of the K St. Theatre in the background
According to Jim Stettner, the organ was moved by Balcom and Vaughan in 1944 to Hope Lutheran church on S. Puget Sound Ave. in Tacoma. Balcom and Vaughan removed the original Vox Humana and Trumpet and replaced them with a TC 8' Dulciana and 8' Open Diapason respectively. As of 2016, the building is occupied by First Congregational church.
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K Street Theatre on right, c.1950's
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K Street view, c.1950's

Photos of the K St. Wurlitzer, now in First Congregational Church, Tacoma, Photos courtesy Jim Stettner, Dec 2015.

The original K St. console at First Congregational, 2015

Pipe chamber

Pedal stop tabs

Swell stop tabs

Great stop tabs

Original Wurlitzer relay

Original Wurlitzer tremulant

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