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The Washington Center
for the Performing Arts

3/25 Wurlitzer
Olympia, Washington
512 Washington Street
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The Washington Center for the Performing Arts was established in 1983. The Center was built on the site of the former Olympic Theatre. The original 2/9 Wurlitzer was removed to storage during the time the theatre was remodeled. The new theatre seats 1,000.
In 1995, Andy Crow and Les Lehne finished installation of a 3/23 Wurlitzer that included ranks from the original 2/9 Olympic instrument.

Main entrance, Washington St.
The dedication concert was performed by Andy Crow on October 1, 1995.

The three-manual console (original theatre home unknown) has been completely rebuilt and now has a black satin finish.
Ed and Patti Zollman added a Uniflex 2000 electronic control system with record/playback. The instrument is installed in three chambers over the proscenium: Main, Solo, plus another (percussion) chamber in the middle. In the late 80's and part of 1990, Seattle PSTOS member Tom Solberg also provided assistance.

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Looking South on Washington Street, March 2001

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