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Joy Theatre - 2/6 Aeolian
Vernonia, Oregon
1105 Riverside Dr.
Organ installation timeframe: 1928-1936
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The Joy Theatre had a 2/6 Aeolian (opus #1668) sold and installed by Sandy Balcom in 1928.
Balcom & Vaughan moved the organ in 1936 to the Queen Anne Baptist church.
Present owners are Catherine and Dale Werries of Kenmore, WA. The instrument is in storage awaiting installation in their home.

In July 2004, the theatre advertised its marquee for sale on eBay:
Okay-- here's the story: The old Joy Theater marquee in Vernonia, Oregon (about 50 miles from Portland) has to come down. It was recently inspected by the county, and pronounced sound. Nevertheless, because its appearance has deteriorated, it needs to be removed from the theater building. This theater was the site of two world movie premieres (Ring of Fire, starring David Jannsen and Frank Gorshin, 1961; and The Vernonia Incident, 1989). Both movies were shot locally. At one time, the Joy Theater was very high-end, seating over 500 people, and sporting a pipe organ which raised and lowered into a pit.
The town fell on hard times when several mills in the area closed. There was a huge flood in 1996, which flowed through downtown Vernonia, to a depth of several feet. This pretty much eliminated any possibility of rehabilitating the theater. To make matters worse, some of the local tavern customers considered it fun to throw billiard balls through the milk glass plates which covered the marquee.
The owners were given an estimate of $20,000.00 to restore the marquee (a little high, considering the unlikelihood of any return on their investment). So... they want to offer the marquee to anyone willing to give it a good home. They still have some of the milk glass plates, the old "JOY" signs that stood at the top of the marquee, and a set of the letters that were used to announce the attractions, and they'll throw these in.
Here's your chance to preserve a piece of history. If you're a David Jannsen or Frank Gorshin memoriabilia collector, you can have the most complete collection in the world. Or-- you could make some money selling the metal for scrap.
Please do not make frivolous bids. If you have any questions, please email. As a matter of fact, please contact us before bidding at all. This marquee must be removed (by the winner) in a safe and timely manner (to be arranged), and a bid is a legally enforceable contract. There is (really) no reserve on this item.

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