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National Theatre - 3/24 Kimball
Portland, Oregon
Organ installation timeframe: 1914-?
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According to the Junchen opus lists. the National Theatre originally had a 3/24 Kimball installed in 1914.
As of 1990, the organ still existed in Portland in the Laurelhurst Bible Church Evangelistic Center, formerly Laurelhurst Presbyterian. When inspected by Jim Stettner in February 1990, it was in very poor shape, but almost entirely tonally intact. The console, windchests, and pipes were all original.
According to Jim, it was more of a symphonic or orchestral organ with a straight stoprail - rather than a traditional horseshoe-shaped theatre organ console. The organ was moved from the theatre to Laurelhurst Presbyterian at an undocumented time and by an undocumented person or firm. In 1976, Laurelhurst Presbyterian moved to their new church and sold the old edifice with the Kimball to the Laurelhurst Bible Church Evangelistic Center (a division of Union Gospel Ministries). According to Jim Stettner, the organ was actually a 3/23, not a 3/24 as reported by the Junchen opus lists.


Great (Enclosed w/Choir)
8'  Open Diapason                 73
8'  Viola da Gamba                73
8'  Melodia                       73
8'  Gemshorn                      73
8'  Harmonic Trumpet              61 (?)
8'  French Horn   [open wood]     73

Gr. Unison On/Off
Great Super

Swell (Enclosed)
8'  Violin Diapason               73
8'  Stopped Flute                 73
8'  Viole d'Orchestre             73
8'  Vox Angelica                  73
8'  Salicional                    73
8'  Voix Celeste           (tc)  61
4'  Flauto Traverso               61 (?)
8'  Cornopean                     61 (?)
8'  Orchestral Oboe               61 (?)
8'  Vox Humana                    61 (?)
    Vox Humana Tremolo

Swell Sub
Sw. Unison On/Off
Swell Super

Choir (Enclosed w/Great)
8'  Concert Flute                 73
8'  Viola                         73
4'  Flute d'Amour                 73
8'  Clarinet                      61 (?)
Cathedral Chimes Forte           (20)
Cathedral Chimes Piano
Chimes Damp. ON/OFF

Choir Sub
Ch. Unison On/Off
Choir Super

Pedal (Enc. w/ Gt. & Ch.)
16' Open Diapason                 30
16' Bourdon                       30
8'  Flute                         30

Swell Unison             [to Pedal]
Great Unison              [to Pedal]
Choir Unison              [to Pedal]

Swell Sub                 [to Great]
Swell Unison              [to Great]
Swell Super               [to Great]
Choir Sub                 [to Great]
Choir Unison              [to Great]
Choir Super               [to Great]

Swell Unison              [to Choir]

Finger Pistons
Swell & Pedal                  1 - 4
  Sw. to Ped.                  (rev)
  Sw. to Gr.                   (rev)
  Sw. to Ch.                   (rev)
Great & Pedal                  1 - 4
  Gr. to Ped.                  (rev)
Choir & Pedal                  1 - 4
  Ch. to Ped.                  (rev)
  Ch. to Gr.                   (rev)

Toe Studs (labeled; l - r)
1. Swell P                            Doesn't work.
2.  Great P                            Doesn't work.
3.  Choir P                            Doesn't work. 
4.  unknown     [label gone]           Doesn't work.
5.  Gr. to Ped.                (rev)   Doesn't work.
6.  unknown     [label gone]           Toestud gone.
7.  unknown     [label gone]           Doesn't work.
8.  unknown     [label gone]           Doesn't work.
9.  unknown     [label gone]           Toestud gone.
10. unknown     [label gone]           Toestud gone.
11. unknown     [label gone]           Toestud gone.
12. unknown     [label gone]           Toestud gone.

Pedal Movements
Swell Expression              (bal.)
Gt/Ch Expression              (bal.)
Crescendo                     (bal.)

Action: Electro-Pneumatic

Voices: 23

Stops: 25; inc. chimes

Ranks: 23

Pipes: 1,466

Stoplist and historical facts courtesy Jim Stettner, 2007

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