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Gellers (Aladdin) Theatre - 3/9 Wood
Portland, Oregon
3017 SE Milwaukie Ave, Near Powell Blvd.
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Aladdin, c. 1998
The Gellers Theatre originally had a 3/9 Wood organ. Expanding on the standard 2/8 Wood specification, this three-manual instrument had a Krumet rank and Piano. According to some who heard it, the organ was one of the better sounding Wood instruments in the Portland area.
The organ was eventually removed and installed in a mortuary by the Gunther Organ Co.
The theatre was later renamed Aladdin and is still in operation today as a live music and performance arts center.
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From the Oregon Historical Society web site:
Opening in 1927, Geller's Theatre was one of several movie houses that lined Milwaukie Avenue in Southeast Portland. In 1934 it was renamed the Aladdin. During the theater's long history, it passed from one owner to the next and featured a variety of entertainments, from silent pictures to adult films. Through all its metamorphoses, the theater retained its original auditorium. In 1991 the Aladdin received an exterior and interior facelift and opened as a primary venue for live music concerts.  
Naming timeframes:
  • 1927 - Gellers
  • 1934 - Aladdin

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