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Clinton Theatre - 2/4 Wicks
Portland, Oregon
SE 26th and Clinton
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The Clinton Theatre had a 2/4 Wicks. The organ was later moved to Pearson's Funeral Home. According to Bob Rickett, the installation was not successful. The chests were placed on the concrete floor of the basement. The magnets rusted and there was no way to get at them without taking all of the pipes out and going in through the top boards.
Balcom & Vaughan later installed another organ properly. Fate of the Wicks is unknown.

From the Oregon Historical Society web site:
The Clinton Street Theater has been showing films since the second decade of the 20th century. Opening in 1915 as the Clinton, the theater became the 26th Avenue Theatre in 1945 and the Encore in 1969. In 1976 it reverted to its original name. Currently, the Clinton features foreign, independent, and art films. It is perhaps best known for its showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night at midnight.
Naming timeframes:
  • 1915 - Clinton
  • 1945 - 26th Avenue Theatre
  • 1969 - Encore
  • 1976 - Clinton

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