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Ansonia Theatre -
Butte, Montana
62 W. Park St.
Organ installation timeframe: 1912 -
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Ansonia Theare, c.1923
The Ansonia Theatre was founded by Phillip Levy and opened in 1912. The theatre was constructed in the Ansonia Building in a space previously occupied by the Lutey Brothers self-service grocery. More about Phillip Levy, in this article from Sanders County Ledger, May 17, 1917.
According to opening week advertisements, the Ansonia Theatre had a pipe organ at the time of its grand opening on Monday July 29, 1912.

Ad for Opening Night in The Butte Miner July 28, 1912. "The Grand Pipe Organ Puts a Human Touch on All Pictureplays. From the Whispered Note of the Violin to the Realistic Lion's Roar."

An article in The Butte Miner July 28, 1912 describes the Ansonia Theatre's many amenities including a "Great New Organ."
The Ansonia clearly had a pipe organ, but the specifics are unknown.
There are numerous references in advertisements and news articles to a pipe organ at the Ansonia, but the manufacturer and specification of the instrument is unknown.


Park Street, looking East, c.1920

Park Street, looking West, c.1927

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