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Calvary Organ Improvements

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Highlights of the Calvary organ upgrade…

  • Added—four new pipe ranks (Saxophone, Kinura, Trumpet, Orchestral Oboe, increasing the ranks from 19 to 23), three new tuned percussions, wind chests, regulators, tremolos, drums, and a complete toy counter (all are wired and winded)
  • Releathered primaries, all new valves, and new cables for the 6-rank Wurlitzer chest in the Main chamber (completed)
  • A rolling platform for the console to provide easy moving (completed)
  • A new blower motor (completed)

    Yet to be completed:

    • A new Uniflex digital control system to replace the old air-driven one from 1922 (ready to install)
    • Original factory cotton covered wire is not compatible with the Uniflex digital control system and must be replaced with vinyl covered wire in a large portion of the organ
    • Now awaiting from Klann Organ Supply the new stop tab panel and its 171 Stop Action Magnets (SAMs). Each SAM requires five wires to connect to the Uniflex system
    • Installation of a second touch system on the Accompaniment keyboard
    • Installation of additional console pistons
    • Installation of a control pull-out drawer for instantaneous use of trap units (oogah horn, doorbell, boat whistle, fire gong, etc.)
    • Installation of many console components (two power supplies, AC power cable and power outlet unit, CAT6 data cable from console to chamber output board
    • Installation of an off-on switching device for the chest magnets’ DC power supply
    The project is being carried out by volunteers where possible and professionals where needed.

    Target completion date— June 2014

    Organ Re-inauguration Concert:

    Sunday, October 19, 2014

    E-mail for more information.

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